Tottenham’s brave new world

Vive le revolution. The new regime of Santini, Arnesen and Jol promises much, but Tottenham fans are all too used to fresh starts and false dawns. There were promising signs when the first signings were defensive midfielders, something the team has cried out for too many years, but then the transfers largely dried up. Arnesen is renowned as a talent spotter and a couple of youngsters have been added, but presumably they won’t go into the first team for some time. The side looks alarmingly similar to the underachiving model of last year, so the pressure will be on Santini right from the start. Missing out on Davids was a blow, a couple of big names in midfield and defence would have had us breathing a little easier.

It seems we have to be patient again, and put our faith in three men new to the premiership. Their credentials are impressive, but it seems there are a number of factors that need to gel for improvement to come about. Spurs fans just want for the team to rise above the midtable position we’ve been occupying for a number of years, show some fight and just maybe to show the style and flair we miss so much.


Transfer merry-go-round

Keep up to date with all the transfers from the Premier League over the (UK) summer. My pal Andrew says that Birmingham City have made the best signings and are the ones to watch this year, but I can’t see it. Chelsea have done well so far, but I still have the feeling it’s all going to turn to custard. Arsenal have been quite quiet, too – it’ll be a huge blow to them if Viera goes to Madrid, and we know how these sagas usually end, don’t we (see Beckham, D & Ronaldo)? Jaques Santini is quietly putting the Tottenham revolution in the water and seeing how it floats.