Ahoy Captain

Richie McCaw is a legend. This interview on the eve of the Lions series see him, as always, being blunt, frank and honest, and contains one ‘shit’ and one ‘piss’ – it’s great to see the All Black tradition of foul language hasn’t been stamped out just yet. It’s also fantastic to hear no talk of ‘visions’, ‘facilitation’ or ‘implementation’. This guy is a breath of fresh air, and so vital, not just to this series, but for New Zealand rugby overall. I was happy to see during the recent trial match the cameraman picked out a group of three non-playing All Blacks watching the game – Tana, Anton, and Richie, the current, a former and the future All Black captains standing around talking shit. Richie is a smart guy, and he’s learning from the guys that have been there before. I hope that if we are to lift the World Cup in 2007 and 2011 that it’s our #7 and captain that gets to lift it first.