England lose, un-invent cricket. World Cup thrown into chaos

SRNZPA: In a bold move, England un-invented Cricket following their crushing nine wicket defeat at the hands of South Africa. Former ECB Chairman David Morgan told reporters “Our supporters have long faced taunts about England inventing the game, but being crap at it. Well, sod you lot quite frankly, we can ruddy well un-invent it. … Continue reading “England lose, un-invent cricket. World Cup thrown into chaos”

Great Team Talks of Our Time

John Hart, World Cup Semi Final France v All Blacks 1999 Harty: OK fellas, it’s business time. Time to focus. Honestly? I look at you blokes, and I reckon it’s going to be a bloody walkover. Relax. Express yourselves. Hey, I know we only just beat Scotland, but remember, the whole world thinks we’ve got … Continue reading “Great Team Talks of Our Time”

What’s wrong with Radio Sport?

Have you LISTENED to it lately? Fresh back from my OE in 2001, I was very excited to learn there was a dedicated sports radio station – “They even play the sports news first on the hour!” Yes, you could listen to Cricket commentary alright, but it promised a whole new world of sports talk, … Continue reading “What’s wrong with Radio Sport?”

England’s Golden Generation X

England’s Golden Generation’s peak lasted about fifteen minutes, from when Micheal Owen, 12, ran through the Argentinean defense to when David Beckham tried to kick Simeone in the nuts. He missed. England’s previous Golden Generation turned to custard when the successful vox-drums-bass-guitar formation was changed to a more European vox-drums-bass-guitar-guitar line up, resulting in an … Continue reading “England’s Golden Generation X”