Links on Friday

This rally driver was doing great until he drives past some guy unable to keep his arse in his jeans. Features NSFW language in a badass Kiwi accent.

Footballers, learn from the great Totti – if you’re bothering to shave, get dressed and drive the Lambo to the ground, and if you want to foul someone, REALLY foul them. Don’t muck around.

The affectionate nickname for Marmite at the sportreview castle is ‘black death’. It’s horrible, team.

Are you a horse? It’s very motivating.

Links on Friday – Swearing

Didier Drogba got a smug rebuke from the studio for throwing his Champions League toys out. Shaq also does this kind of thing.

Commentators can swear like a political gallery hack getting it stuck in their fly – exhibit A, Exhibit B and the master, Alan Partridge.

However, Bobby Knight is the daddy of sporting swearing, whether he’s disappointed, or golfing. He can even soulfully reflect on his favorite word.

Links on Friday (on Saturday) fully endorses and approves of swearing. So does this guy. Here he is golfing. I think I’ve found a new hero.

Bond girls exposed.

These Beez guys have either discovered a new paradigm shift in the skateboard arena with their blue sky thinking – or they’re just really really high.

Can someone clean that shit away, please?