Top of the table


Can’t let this morning’s league table go by without a mention; following Saturday’s surprisingly comfortable win over Liverpool, Spurs beat Hull 5-1 this morning to go top of the table.

Not getting too carried away at this stage, putting away mid table battlers is just what professional sides do (as I emailed my Liverpool fan friend this morning), but we’re looking good. Ledley’s not injured yet, Defoe’s in hot form and Palacios may be the midfield enforcer we’ve needed since about 1985.

In other news, ESPN’s Bill Simmons is claiming credit for the early season form – read his typically thorough post on choosing Tottenham. Bill famously supports the Boston Red Sox, another team who torture their fans by over promising and under delivering on the glory. Let’s hope the Sox’s recent World Series win is a good omen for Spurs.

Links on Friday – Tottenham

Super Tottenham Hotspur is the preferred Premiership team here at sportreview, embracing style, passing, and fun.

A lot rests on Harry Redknapp, now he has a whole season to himself to play with. At least he’s got a bit of fight.

I’m still waiting for this year’s big ‘all you other teams can go get fucked’ signing, like a Jurgen Klinsmann. I loved him. Peter Crouch is a better footballer than most tall blokes, but he’d better cut this shit out.

As usual, as long as we can do Arsenal, we’ll probably be happy. It’s fun, and its great.

Links on Friday

Cricket? For the first time in my LIFE I switched from a test to watch Rugby League on Sunday afternoon, as we threw it away in the first innings. I’ll have more to say on this when I get a sec, but you should read Hamish McDougall and Paul Beige Brigade‘s roundups. Mike On Cricket has had excellent stat-y coverage throughout the series also.

Everyone loves Kevin Keegan, but depressingly predictably, he’s not the Geordie Messiah Newcastle fans were praying for, results-wise anyway. He’s not much of a cyclist, either. This clip comes complete with Alan Partridge-alike commentator and Kev’s insistence he’s OK, despite a mess of ripped flesh

Steve Nash is a big deal in the NBA – he’s also a Tottenham fan. Here’s a nice looking Nike TV spot he directed himself. You can see him kissing the Spurs badge midway through

Cross-linked from me other blog – The best muppet-based heavy metal primer you’ll see on the internet this week can be found here.


And we’ve got silverware again. It’s been a little while. Ramos has fully sorted out that beating the top four thing Jol struggled with so much. Spurs look creative, fit, and organised, and we’ll be in Europe again next year.

Gotta say, this trophy feels much better than the last one, the dour George Graham-inspired 1-0 over Leicester with a goal from the horrible Allan Nielson.