Lance Armstong vs The World

Lance Armstong attempts to beat the legends of Cycling and win a sixth Tour De France. Under pressure from the expectant public and drug rumours, not to mention Ullrich and Hamilton, it will require a superhuman effort. Again.

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Sent them home tae think again

Clive Woodward’s England left the Southern Hemisphere having lost three tests. Not exactly revenge for the World Cup, but it was great seeing the ABs playing like men possessed for a change, and sets things up nicely for what should be a fascinating Tri-Nations this year.


Tiger Tim fails again

Poor old Tim. As much as I love to see him fail year after year, you have to feel for him, I think there are very few sportsmen or women in the world under as much pressure as he faces during Wimbledon. I’ve got a sneaking admiration as he’s a serve and volley player in the old style, which is entertaining to watch. Pity he has the personality of one of the bats in a game of Pong.


The (non-hysterical) take on NZ Rugby

Eddie Butler is the UK rugby journalist that shares Stephen Jone’s obsession with NZ rugby – but without the agenda of winding us up. Fair assessment of the new AB coaching trio, and a lament for the lack of foward power in NZ Rugby – yeah, tell us about it!