Links on Friday (On Thursday)

– A Zombie fighting a Shark – You know team, I hadn’t used the ol’ Zombie tag for a while, and then I stumbled on this clip. Whoah. I might stop looking at the internets now, nothing’s going to top this. NOTHING. NSFW if your work isn’t into sub-aquatic re-animated corpses hungry for shark flesh … Continue reading “Links on Friday (On Thursday)”

Abramovich quiz

What’s happening in this picture? a) Chelsea FC Chairman Roman Abramovich celebrates his team’s progress to the FA Cup final with a late, late, winner against Blackburn on Sunday? b) Russian Oil magnate Roman Abramovich checks out the crude oil prices? c) Zombie overlord Roman Abramovich receives word his rouge scientist working feverishly in a … Continue reading “Abramovich quiz”

Links on Friday

– Office Supplies Trebuchet – might as well do SOMETHING today before heading to the pub– Grammar Quiz – 100% for me, beat that!– Chainsaw wake up – Parenting at its best– The Wilhlem Scream – film geekery, move along– Project Manager Leaves Suicide PowerPoint Presentation – Har, scary thing is I can imagine it … Continue reading “Links on Friday”