A man overseeing several unfinished DIY projects answers your cricket world cup questions

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Have the BLACKCAPS made the semi finals?
We’re all but home on 11 points and need to win against either Australia (augh!) or England to make sure, or for some weird results to go against us. Weird stuff happens though eh, you see that hole where the sink should be? Not actually my fault. I don’t see the issue with washing dishes in a bucket for three weeks, people do that on boats hey.

Who’s been the stand out player?
Kane Williamson, no doubt. Two centuries when it counts, he’s dragged the team along so far. Player of the tournament so far, NOT like Stu, Ken and Rasher who turned up for Sunday’s working bee too hungover to do anything and just ate oven chips all day. I did too to be fair, but still.

Who are the form teams?
The old firm of India and Australia have hit form at the right time. Anyone wanting to win will have to beat one or both of these teams. They’re ticking all the boxes, not like me apparently after I came home from Bunnings with a great deal on AAA batteries and four more multi boxes but not the replacement front door. Two out of three ain’t bad! Hah!

Are there any issues with the team?
Some people are calling for change at the top of the order with Colin Munro still to convince people he’s the man for the job. With Henry Nicholls sat on the sideline there’s a good argument for his inclusion, not like arguments around here, where it’s all ‘half job Harry’, ‘bone idle’ and ’emotionally unavailable’. Jeez.

Has the tournament been a success overall?
It’s been a real celebration of cricket, with big loud crowds from England’s cultural melting pot. The pitches have played their part to make a decent contest between bat and ball – heaps of NZ fans are struggling with sleep deprivation, but I’m fine in the tent, no SKY out here! By the time I’m let back in the house it’ll all be over! Winning!

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