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The latest edition of Get A Hundred is a cracker. First, he takes a Pakistani international wicket in the nets, then casually foward defends a couple to the rope with the new Excalibur. Have a look.

Mate, how come you’re not in the blogger Ashes?

Author: Richard Irvine

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3 thoughts on “Get A Hundred latest”

  1. Nice one Suave, I for one hope he gets his ton vs the dirty ockers.

    Tom, for Kiwis, the Excalibur is the highest form of bat compliment you can give, largely because of this.

  2. The bat is a Millichamp and Hall Harlequin.
    it is the best bat in the world. It’s a work of art.
    If only once in his life, everyman should own one

  3. I thought the same, but I think he was fairly new to the blogging world..

    He is coming to the match, and I’m sure he’ll have his Millichamp & Hall there just in case.

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