9 thoughts on “Bugger this, let’s ROCK”

  1. I was going to suggest Billy Idol, but the pretty boy pretending to be tough doesn’t quite seem to sit with IOB.

    Come to think of it, there’s probably a bit of Roger Daltry in there.

  2. Brendan looks like he’d fit into The Jam, kind of posing by a tube station wall sneering and looking bored.

  3. I was more thinking of Jesse as a younger John Rowles. Bit of a hit with the older women.

    But he’s multi-talented; there’s no doubt about that.

    Still wondering what kind of band Prince Brendan would be part of. But he’d be the lead guitarist; nothing surer.

  4. Simon – harsh but fair. He looked the bizzo last year, but now there’s some conpetition for spots he’s AWOL, eh.

    Leg Break – nice work, John Peel. Jesse for the Spinal Tap drummer role?

  5. I reckon Jesse would make a good crooner.

    Vettori could be some bland hippy-folk type singer. Think a new age Art Garfunkel.

    Franklin would be in some morose woe-is-me Manchester band.

    Martin could do death metal.

    And Jake could front a boy band.

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