Stu Wilson answers his email

Subject: Just got this web-cam and I can’t help stripping
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Subject: Re: Just got this web-cam and I can’t help stripping
Got your email. I don’t know how you got my address (did the Reunion boys send it?).

Now I don’t have trouble meeting women. I’ve had my fair share. All Black tours. Shield challenges. Liquor discounters. Rug clearance events. You name it.

These women are definitely single, right? For definite. Not married. Not separated. Not taking time out. Not just got into Levin for a Hen’s weekend. You can guarantee this in writing?

I’ve just read your email again. Fuck it, count me in.

From: “Future ” <>
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To: “Future ” <>
Subject: Re: Find Fast & Easy Loan Program ! Dear , User!!
You guys are good. After Trentham, you could say I’m looking to invest. I might be interested.

Let’s get a few things straight, right from the start.  We don’t want any misunderstandings. I’ve been burned before.

First off, it’s only fair to warn you I drive a hard bargain. I’m not looking for a pissing contest. Well, maybe after a couple of scotches. Hahha hahah ahahaaaa.

Second, don’t judge a book by its cover. Only the very wealthy can afford to dress this way. That? That’s just a bit of egg. See? It’s gone.

Third. No lawyers. Fuck ’em with their ‘breaches’ and their ‘gross incompetence’ and ‘exceeded breath alcohol limits’. I don’t like clever dicks. It’s handshakes or I walk.

It’s up to you to get the ball in the line-out now. Make sure the boardroom cabinet’s got the good stuff.

From: luvipcidskfmfnxoomeslpksfwajjlkxwanndrsxrovcdjllew@等,商”.com
Subject: 成-人 用^品”情’趣”用,品`保^險`套·及-性’感 內.衣.等,商”品
‘新`奇!好~玩·的`情·趣 用^品 應 有,盡’有,都-在.本-賣-場!適~度^的”使^用~性·愛·輔”助’品 對`於~性!關~係^是.有”正’面,輔.助·效·果^的 供!數’千.種’成 人~商’品`線`上`購’物`服·務 hbzmlrfvpt
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使 用·情’趣·用!品·能`夠 提^高’性”愛-質”量

To: luvipcidskfmfnxoomeslpksfwajjlkxwanndrsxrovcdjllew@等,商”.com
Subject: Re:

You must be more pissed than me right now!

Seriously, let me know what you want.

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