Bike of Le Tour so far

Britain’s David Millar (here he is talking to Rough Ride‘s Paul Kimmage) may have placed third in this morning’s time trial, but he definitely takes the cake in bike design – here’s his time trial machine, complete with Union Jack wheels to match his British TT champion’s jersey.

You might look like a dork riding to work in gear that matches your bike, but hey, if you’re in the Tour De France you can get away with this shit.

Not so sure ’bout the socks, however.

Rejected All Black PR initiatives

Competition to find New Zealand’s ‘Fully Fanatic Family’. First prize – Mum, Dad and the kids take on Ma’a Nonu, Brad Thorne and Greg Sommerville at bullrush during the ONE News Hour. Hosted by Tony Veitch

NZRFU endorsed ‘street gangs’ with official gang signs, black bandannas and spray paint. ‘Don’t kick it, pass it’ tagging competition winners awarded their weight in WeetBix

Fat Freddy’s Drop, Official Band of the All Blacks

Steve Hansen bouncy castle

Le Tour

Le Tour started early yesterday morning – here’s the best places for coverage on the web:

The Guardian and The Times have extensive coverage and photos, alongside Le Tour’s official home page. Cycling News has loads of reports and photos, along with geeky bike porn

Here’s a Google Map, with loads of interactive bits n bobs

Interested in having a go? Each year the Etape du Tour gives weekend warriors the chance to ride a real live stage before the pros. This year the 189km stage took in the terrifying Col du Tourmalet – a 23.5 km climb at an average 7.5% gradient. Here’s two accounts of riding Tour stages, but to truly get a picture, watch this video of the notorious Mount Ventoux. Bugger. That.

Cowan: “Hey, I was drunk!”

SRPA: Disgraced All Black Jimmy Cowan made it clear he was out of his mind with drink at the time of the late night incident that jeopardised his All Black place. “I was fucko, eh. I’m talking 24 Woodys, a White Russian and $15 of chips.”

The incident, full details of which have not been made public, left several members of the public splattered and shaken. Cowan was keen to emphasise that being uttererly wankered was the primary reason for his behavior.¬† “You know the ad where the guy is drinking all afternoon at the clubrooms, gets in a fight¬† and comas out in the bathroom? I think it’s for carpet? Anyway, that was me. I was in bits.”

Cowan pointed out that his behavior was not a fitting example for young All Black fans, “unless they were really, really wasted”.