Cowan: “Hey, I was drunk!”

SRPA: Disgraced All Black Jimmy Cowan made it clear he was out of his mind with drink at the time of the late night incident that jeopardised his All Black place. “I was fucko, eh. I’m talking 24 Woodys, a White Russian and $15 of chips.”

The incident, full details of which have not been made public, left several members of the public splattered and shaken. Cowan was keen to emphasise that being uttererly wankered was the primary reason for his behavior.¬† “You know the ad where the guy is drinking all afternoon at the clubrooms, gets in a fight¬† and comas out in the bathroom? I think it’s for carpet? Anyway, that was me. I was in bits.”

Cowan pointed out that his behavior was not a fitting example for young All Black fans, “unless they were really, really wasted”.

Author: Richard Irvine

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