We beat the scum 5-1

Spurs beat Arsenal 5-1 in the second leg of the Carling Cup (bite on that, Cactus Kate). Yeah, it was only Arsenal’s kids, and only the Carling Cup, but I’ll take it. Spurs had a similar hoodoo against Chelsea, and we broke that in the Carling Cup before beating them in the league, so it’s a good sign, I reckon. Thoughts:

– It’s good to move from the Jol unpleasantness. Ramos likes his teams to play fairly directly, and we hit them on the break for at least two goals. Nothing wrong with that, and we’re relying less on long punts from Robinson (who’s dropped now anyway, and was apparently skulking in the tunnel at final whistle). The players have been training very hard indeed from reports

– Jenas was on fire, and this win was less reliant on Berbatov magic. A good sign if he’s on his way, but I’d love to keep him, ‘cos he’s class

The Guardian’s Fiver reports that Arsenal’s Adebayo thumped teammate Nicklas Bendtner, which is great, but points out Arsenal are still in the title race, Champion’s League, and FA Cup, whic is fair enough. Still some catching up to do, alright

– Reading reports from the UK that Glen Hoddle in the studio did a subtle fist pump when the 5th went in and said ‘another one’. No word on fellow pundit Paul Merson’s thoughts at the time – he probably lost a bundle

Goals here – loved the camera shaking at 4-0, and the Gooners walking out