Abramovich quiz

What’s happening in this picture?

a) Chelsea FC Chairman Roman Abramovich celebrates his team’s progress to the FA Cup final with a late, late, winner against Blackburn on Sunday?

b) Russian Oil magnate Roman Abramovich checks out the crude oil prices?

c) Zombie overlord Roman Abramovich receives word his rouge scientist working feverishly in a Siberian lab is nearing completion of the super virus that, when released into the world’s water supply, will turn the population into brain eating walking dead trained to do his bidding?

d) Bad boy Roman Abramovich orders his KGB-trained bodyguard (front) to beat someone up?

3 thoughts on “Abramovich quiz”

  1. Cactus – I haven’t seen Jose’s wife – I always assumed he was single and lived in a house of mirrors.

    Stephen – Yeah mate, he is a worry, he was expelled from Moscow University (despite his brilliance) for unauthorised after hours experiments that went against the spirit of science

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