Links on Friday (on Thursday)

The Masters, my favorite Major is on this weekend – here’s Tiger with THAT chip from 2005. I love the way the camera shakes just after it goes in
– Speaking of which, Golf is manly blog Dethroner’s theme this week – it’s aimed more at guys not wanting to look like a dick in front of the boss or prospective father in law than hardcore golfers. Ahem. Still, there’s good advice on getting kitted up, including buying drivers, irons, used clubs, and balls.
All Black selectors uncut – apparently there’s rugby on at the moment too. Here’s an entertaining write up from some guy who found himself sitting in front of Graham Henry and Wayne Smith at Saturday’s Chiefs v Blues match
Harry Redknapp gets smacked in the face – I liked it when he tries to keep on doing the interview, but has to turn around and give out more verbal. Class
Some great passing – football teams kick it around a bit. I could watch clips like this all day long
Scarlett Johansson – the question we’re all asking (possible NSFW language)

2 thoughts on “Links on Friday (on Thursday)”

  1. Heh yeah, NZild rugby fans are pretty sharp. I loved it when he said he almost shat when Grahame Henry spoke to him – I’d have done the same.

    Good call on the corporate wankers, only they’d probably distract Henry and co from their scouting – and wind up calling him “Eyebrows’ or worse after a few gins.

  2. All Black selectors uncut is an absolute master class in eavesdropping.

    Possibly why they should only allow corporate wankers who don’t know anything about the game to sit near the AB selectors!

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