Cricket World Cup 2007 – RSS, podcasts, blogs and ball by ball coverage guide

Ball by Ball commentary
Watching cricket on the Internet is water torture, but if you’re at work or worse, there’s loads of options
BBC Live Coverage – seem to be taking a leaf out of the Guardian’s approach
CricInfo Live Scores – the original and still the best, the have all the details and quick links to live stats
Guardian Live coverage – some witty chaps do this, but beware of moaning about being the only one left in the office while everyone else is at the pub

World Cup Home Pages
The Age (Melbourne)
CricInfo World Cup
The Guardian World Cup (UK)
NZ Herald World Cup
The Times Cricket (UK)

RSS Feeds
CricInfo New Zealand News
CricInfo General News
NZ Herald RSS

CricInfo Surfer
CricInfo World Cup Monitor
Guardian Sports blog – lots of WC coverage on here
Sydney Morning Herald – The Tonk blog
The Times (UK) Line and Length blog

Beige Brigade BYC podcast
Dropkicks – when they’re not busy making shit up (!)
Guardian World Cup Show – if it’s as good as their football one, this will be great
– Lots of audio at CricInfo and The Times also

World Cup Wallchart – start a sweepstake and win all your workmates’ cash!
CricInfo mobile service – if your phone can surf the web, point it to CricInfo – really good for meetings and that
– If Shane Warne does anything stupid, it’ll probably come out here

Finally – apparently this World Cup will be a Bermuda triangle for productivity. Ahem.