The Second Coming

Shaun of the Dead is probably the film I loved most in the last ten years. It’s got Zombies, and it’s got moronic humor, a winning combo for a simple man such as I. Shaun (Simon Pegg) and Ed (Nick Frost) are slackers and best mates who devise a genius plan to ride out the Zombie infestation in the pub. Their easy humor, combined with Edgar Wrights’ knowing direction made this a real winner for me.

And now the team is back, with Hot Fuzz, which does for police patrolling sleepy English villages what SOTD did for Zombies. It looks fantastic, and I’m quivering with anticip…ation to see it. Here’s the Youtubed trailer:

If you’re after more Pegg / Wright action, track down Spaced (no, you can’t borrow my copies), and promisingly, IMDB shows their next project might be La Triviata, a sitcom about Pub Quizzes, a subject close to my heart.