Now we’re getting somewhere

Australia vs New Zealand ODI @ the WACA
– We got stuffed in the field, if I had a dollar for every time they showed Dan Vettori looking sick after dropping Hayden, I’d have 126 bucks
– Having said that, we actually hauled them back just a little from an insurmountable total – with 12 overs to go I thought they’d get 400
– In that heat Ponting and Hayden really showed some fight and class to graft out their hundreds
– Great to have Lou Vincent back, he did a great job (save those too-*@!#-cute-by-half reverse sweeps), and might have steered us to a win if he wasn’t given out LBW off his gloves. Calling Symonds a wanker and doing the tugger sign was a touch of class too, hilariously prompting dead air from everyone’s favorite commentary team
– Oram was phenomenal – I feel a lot better about our World Cup chances with him in the team
– McCullum showed his great technique to patiently score singles and give Oram the strike, before wading into some boundary-hitting himself. Hey Braces – HE’S NOT AN OPENER!
– Every time Oram hit a six into the WACA’s hill, a pissed gaggle of inbreds and their fat children looking fresh from a gig as Peter Jackson extras started killing each other for the ball – a really scary insight there
– I loved seeing McGrath getting smashed into the stands a couple of times, not to mention when he dropped Oram while turning in circles like a drunk dog chasing its tail. I know it’s sad and not very sporting, but basically, my idea of fun is anything slightly unfortunate happening to Glenn McGrath
– We really need to build on this and push on – we should be able to do the Poms comfortably now, and we’ll still have (at least) three more games against the Aussies, making a pretty fair build up to the World Cup
– With Styris and Bond to come back, and with everyone fit and well, our first team goes like this:
with Patel, Franklin and Macca as back up – we’re not looking too bad all of a sudden

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