Thoughts on New Zealand v England ODI

– Now we’ve got Oram to score all the runs and that, the Black Caps’ batting is looking heaps better. It make me bloody nervous when they start reverse sweeping though, there must be some kind of bet on
– Can a batsman above 6 hit some form? If only ONE guy was scoring 80s, we’d be getting pretty decent scores. I’d like to see us play in the V and push singles BEFORE trying the big shots, though
– England started their run chase like they were playing for a draw, AGAIN. Fletcher needs to bin the beta blockers, now
– I thought Gillespie had broken his neck taking that catch – he landed like like a drunk at a BBQ falling off a deck
– Should we be offended Australia chose to thrash England on Australia Day instead of us?
– Great to have a win, and now we’re ahead of England with a bonus point. Hands up if you EVEN KNEW there was a bonus point system?
– Update: Now Martin Sneddon’s over there to ‘demonstrate support’. If the players are unhappy with each other, I can’t pick it (from my position on the couch, of course). If they’re unhappy with the coach… Still, Braces should have handled himself better – time to sack Grizz Wylie as media coach, I say