Weekend roundup

Australia – NZ at the SCG
Yes, I KNEW it was late Sunday night, the Aussies were too good not to chase down 219, that it’s only one game of a long series, tomorrow’s Monday and I could use the extra sleep, but still I sat glued to the couch ’til the bitter (bitter) end. We messed this one up no question, as the 30 something replays of Franklin dropping Clarke in super-slow-mo, extreme close up, heat spot-cam and even pissed-on-23-cans-of-XXXX-O-vision confirmed. Even more damaging was the botched run out of the amazing Hussey, the most dangerous Australian batsman right now. I don’t want to become the 4529th person to say “Where are our runs from the top order?”, but… actually, yeah, where ARE our runs from the top order? We’re not giving our bowlers, who have got quite good at turd polishing lately, any chance whatsoever. Watching our last two games has been like watching your DVD of The Office for the upteenth time – you’ve seen it a million times before, you’re cringing like anything, and you already know what’ll happen at the end.

Wow. The Scousers beat Harlequins Chelsea, exposing their defensive shit-ness without John Terry for all to see and laugh at, and then feckin’ Arsenal went and beat Man Utd, pissing in the beer of those wanting Anyone But Chelsea to win it. It’s going to be interesting, team. Spurs managed not to lose at Fulham, which was nice. Ish.

It’s a magic time for fans of watching floodlight sport from Australia late into the night, with the Commonwealth Bank series competing with the Australian Open tennis for screen time. The shots of Sydney’s sunset over the SCG during last nights’ game were spectacular.