Links on Friday

PJ O’Rourke on the Bicycle Menace – There’s nothing stopping Auckland becoming an Amsterdam-like cycling haven. Apart from the hills, humidity, and the “OMYFARKINGOD GET OUT OF MY WAY I NEED TO HIT 70 KPH BEFORE THE NEXT RED LIGHT ARRRGHH ARRRGHH” attitude many motorists share
Paul Gasgoine retrospective – You forget how good he was pre-knee injury
Movies listed by ‘F’ word count – Tarantino scores highly here, of course. Bonus link – Pulp Fiction with everything but the swearing taken out
Bob Mack vs The ‘Nuge – the greatest Rock and Roll interview ever (click the links further down)
Thermonuclear Texas Chili – I add Chicken just to round it out to three meats, and don’t bother farking around with the Chilis like these guys. Just chuck them in and be done
Ali Williams dumps George Gregan on his arse – Everyone can enjoy this. Only three weeks ’til Super 14 rugby, team. Sheee-yit, we’ve not even had SUMMER yet