Transfer merry-go-round

Keep up to date with all the transfers from the Premier League over the (UK) summer. My pal Andrew says that Birmingham City have made the best signings and are the ones to watch this year, but I can’t see it. Chelsea have done well so far, but I still have the feeling it’s all going to turn to custard. Arsenal have been quite quiet, too – it’ll be a huge blow to them if Viera goes to Madrid, and we know how these sagas usually end, don’t we (see Beckham, D & Ronaldo)? Jaques Santini is quietly putting the Tottenham revolution in the water and seeing how it floats.


One thought on “Transfer merry-go-round”

  1. Excellent signings by the Blues, even including the Donkey, but not yet Champ material… improved team next year, say 4th/5th. On the evidence of Euro04 you can’t see the Arse repeating last year, but somehow…..! ‘Pool second and Scum 3rd. I hope beyond hope that the Chelski disgrace falls over; Premier league teams are NOT franchises, and an imaginary fiscal line must be drawn somewhere. Problem is I don’t know exactly where or how. Any suggestions?

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